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Where To Buy Jefferson Ocean Aged Bourbon


Back then, placing barrels on boats was a necessity. These days, it's become a novelty: Eighth-generation Kentucky bourbon distiller Trey Zoeller is using the motion of the ocean to produce bottles worth $200 each.

"We're going back to how bourbon was initially aged," Zoeller tells The Salt. "The color and flavor came from the rocking on the water. Bourbon was loaded on to ships in Kentucky, and by the time it travelled to the people buying it, the flavor improved."

This OCEARCH ship carried Zoeller's first bourbon-aged barrels for three and a half years, covering more than 10,000 nautical miles. According to Tom Collins, a chemist at UC Davis, the higher temperatures of tropical locales, and the swill of the ocean, can accelerate the whiskey aging process. Courtesy of OCEARCH hide caption

Not true. It has to be manufactured and aged in Kentucky to be called Kentucky Bourbon. Bourbon is a broader term and can be produced anywhere in the USA so long as it meets the minimum legal requirements to be classified as such.

Jefferson's Ocean Aged At Sea Voyage 24 is another addition to the famed Ocean Series. This Jefferson bourbon whiskey is set apart from the rest of the other voyages where the bourbon experiences both hot and cold temperatures and violent and calm seas. The Ocean Voyage 24, however, spends its entire life in high heat traveling around the Caribbean and Central America.

Jefferson's has used experimental blending and aging techniques, such as aging bourbon at sea, where wave action can affect the product's development. It also produces a rye whiskey. Jefferson's works in four step process for making bourbon which is: Distill, age, cut to proof and bottle putting more time and focus into the maturation process.

Do you like bourbon Do you like Coffee Let's bring the two together. We aged this Brazilian natural coffee to perfection in a Jefferson's Ocean Bourbon Barrels. What do you get A balanced cup of coffee with a subtle bourbon aroma, deep oaky notes and hints of sweetness. 59ce067264

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