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Download Osita Osadebe Latest Free Mp3 Songs

Download Osita Osadebe Latest Free Mp3 Songs

If you are a fan of Igbo highlife music, you will surely love to download Osita Osadebe latest free mp3 songs. Osita Osadebe was one of the most popular and influential highlife musicians from Nigeria. He was born in Atani, a town in Anambra State, in 1936 and started his musical career in Lagos in the 1950s. He recorded over 500 songs in his lifetime and won many awards and accolades for his unique style of highlife music.

download osita osadebe latest free mp3 songs


Osita Osadebe's songs are rich in melody, rhythm and lyrics. He sang in English, pidgin English and Igbo, and blended traditional Igbo musical elements with influences from calypso, samba, bolero, rumba, jazz and waltz. He also used his songs to comment on social issues, personal experiences and cultural values. Some of his most famous songs include "Osondi Owendi", "Onu Uwa", "Nwanne Ebezina", "Aye Mama" and "People's Club of Nigeria".

You can download Osita Osadebe latest free mp3 songs from various online platforms and enjoy the best of Igbo highlife music. Whether you want to relax, dance or reminisce, Osita Osadebe's songs will surely lift your mood and spirit. Here are some of the websites where you can download Osita Osadebe latest free mp3 songs:

  • OldNaija: This website offers a collection of old school Naija songs, including Igbo highlife songs by Osita Osadebe. You can download his songs in mp3 format and also read some background information about him and his music.[^2^]

  • YouTube: You can also find many of Osita Osadebe's songs on YouTube, where you can watch the videos or listen to the audio. You can also use a YouTube downloader to convert the videos to mp3 files and save them on your device.[^3^]

  • This is another online platform where you can stream or download Osita Osadebe's songs. You can also discover more about his biography, albums, similar artists and events.

Download Osita Osadebe latest free mp3 songs today and enjoy the timeless beauty of Igbo highlife music.Osita Osadebe was not only a musician, but also a leader and a philanthropist. He was the founder and president of the People's Club of Nigeria, a social and cultural organization that aimed to promote unity, peace and progress among Nigerians. He also used his wealth and influence to support various causes and projects in his hometown of Atani and beyond. He was a respected elder and a role model for many young musicians who followed his footsteps.

Unfortunately, Osita Osadebe's life was cut short by a tragic illness. He died in St. Mary's Hospital Waterbury, Connecticut on 11 May 2007 after suffering from severe respiratory difficulties.[^1^] He was 71 years old. His death was mourned by millions of fans and admirers across Nigeria and the world. He was buried in his hometown of Atani with full honors and tributes. His legacy lives on through his music and his contributions to the Nigerian society.

Osita Osadebe was a legend of Igbo highlife music and a pride of Nigeria. His songs will continue to inspire generations to come. Download Osita Osadebe latest free mp3 songs and celebrate the life and achievements of this great musician. e0e6b7cb5c

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